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Book Review Self improvement

Book Review – The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

If you’re making any resolutions this year, need ideas for goals, or are just on a journey of self improvement and learning, this book is a must read. It’s easy to understand, because it breaks everything down into 7 simple habits each with their own chapter. The habits are also presented in order so that they grow on each other. J

Book Review Historical Fiction

Book Review – The Atomic City Girls

In The Atomic City Girls, June moves to Oak Ridge to work in one of the plants. She lives in a small dorm with 2 other girls and works during the day turning dials on a machine she has no idea what the purpose is for. While working a scientist catches her eye. After another encounter she become involved in a relationship with the physicist Sam.

Book Review Historical Fiction

Book Review – Orphan Train

In Orphan Train, Molly finds herself in trouble for stealing, she is lucky to get the chance to work off her time by cleaning an attic for an elderly lady. She wasn’t happy with the consequence, but ends up finding some common ground with the Vivian. Molly quickly find that she made assumptions about Vivian. Just because Vivian appears to be privileged doesn’t mean she had an easy road behind her.

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