What I Read March/April – Book Reviews

What I Read March/April – Book Reviews

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I’ve been trying to keep myself busy, outside of working from home. This includes daily walks around the neirbourhood at 4pm, 20 min exercises videos alternating between yoga and cardio every other day, and baking muffins on the weekends. I’m almost finished a 5 week online course, and I am going to try and make a blanket on my daughters bed bigger by crocheting a new piece, something I haven’t attempted since I was under 10. So I have been reading a little less then I usually do. The lack of a daily commute really has an impact on my reading time. These are the four books I read during March and April. Have you read any of them? What did you think? I think my favourite was The Starless Sea.

The Power of Showing Up

The Power of Showing Up is the latest book by the authors of The Whole Brain Child. They want parents to develop a secure attachment with their children by providing the 4 S’s, which are safe, seen, soothed and secure. They also want parents to reflect on how they were raised, and accept that it does not determine the type of parent will can be. This book was full of great advice. Read this book review to get a summary of my favourite parts.

The Starless Sea

The Starless Sea is an imaginative and epic journey by the author of The Night Circus. Erin Morgenstern created a hidden world built and maintained by book lovers. When Zachary discovers a book that tells his history, he is introduced to a magical and sometimes unbelievable underground sanctuary for books and stories. The story that follows, can only be described as a Alice in Wonderland-isk adventure. Read this book review to learn more.

Meg and Jo

Meg & Jo is a modern retelling of Little Women. It is the first book in the series, the second will focus on the other two sisters, Amy and Beth. This book was an easy and satisfying read, that kept me interested the whole way through. I really like the conflicts that each of the sisters faced, and how they were able to resolving them individually and as sisters. If you are open to a new version of Little Women this book is a good choice. Read this book review learn what I thought about each of the sisters.

I occasionally like dark thrillers. There was a period where a read a lot of Camilla Lackberg books in a row. Alex North – The Whisper Man (1 BOOKS)""” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>The Whisper Man reminded me a little of her. The story follows a single father and his son, who are both having a difficult time after the passing of the mother. A sudden move to a unconventional looking house, puts them in range of a mystery involving missing children. This book had a lot of unexpected surprises, and twists, that kept me guessing until the end.

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