Websites Offering Free Books Right Now

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Websites Offering Free Books Right Now

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Staying at home is the perfect opportunity for you to read books, but if you don’t want to spend money online or go to a store, there are a lot opportunities to find free books online right now. As long as you are open to e-books or audio books you can get a lot of reading done at no cost.


Audible is offering a whole library of free books for kids. They range from books for young kids, tweens, and teenagers. Even if you don’t have kids their collection of classic books will appeal to everyone.

In the U.S they are offering a 60 day free trial, with 3 free books. You can cancel at any time.


Epic is a website that has e-books and audio books available for young children up to age 12. Right now they are offering free access through June 30th, 2020. It is available for all educators and their students. If your child’s school is closed, contact their teacher to sign up. Send them this link to get started.

Seagull Books

Now the links for adults, offering something for the adults. Seagull Books is offering a free PDF download of a book every Sunday.


Scribd offers unlimited books, audio books, and magazines for 8.99 a month. Right now they are offering free access for 30 days. Follow this link to sign up. No credit card required.

Project Gutenburg

Project Gutenberg is a site that offers free access to classic books and books that their copyright has expired for. They are always free, and right now is a good opportunity to check them out.

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle Unlimited is available to sign up for a free 30 day trail. Or you can get a 2 month trial for only 1 dollar. You don’t need a kindle to enjoy the books either, if you download the app you can read from any device.


This is the app I like to use to read library books on my phone. When you sign up using your library card, this app uses Overdrive to borrow books from your library. Popular books will have a wait time, but if you put a new book on hold each week then soon you will be receiving free books almost every week. You have 20 days to read before they expire, which should be lots of time.


Kobo has lots of free books available including classics and a bunch of Sesame Street titles right now. The app is free to download.

Happy Reading!

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