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Welcome to my book review blog. Are you a book lover too? I know I am. I have had my “nose in a book” since I was a little kid. I built this website so I can share my love for books, by writing book reviews that will help you decide what to read next, by giving you insight into what the book has to offer.

In grade school, I forgo recess to help out in the  school library. I spent my recess putting the books back on the shelves, and reading everything that interested me. I read my first real adult fiction novels when someone donated Jurassic Park and Congo to the library.

After high school,  started to discover what I really loved about books. It wasn’t Sci-fi, or romance, or action. And I don’t focus on the authors anymore. What I love are books that inspire. I like historical fiction, stories that can teach me something about the past I didn’t know. Books that make me see the world from a point of view I never considered. I want to hear about strong women who fearlessly paved their way in the world. I want to read about people who had an influence, no matter how small. People who overcame and excelled when other thought they couldn’t. Give me a story about something unexpected, surprising or marvelous and I will be happy.

If you love all those things too, keep coming back to my book review blog and get ideas about what to read next. Then comment and let me know what you thought about the book.



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